Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Must-Haves for a Skinny 2011

As 2010 comes to an end and we look ahead to 2011 as a chance for a new beginning, most of us have losing weight or getting healthy on our New Years resolution list. Here are some Skinny must-haves for 2011.

Bring the Zumba Fitness experience home with you with this Zumba Wii game!

Zumba Fitness

I'm a huge Bethenny fan, and this is a great beginner yoga DVD.
Body By Bethenny with Bethenny Frankel

Everyone keeps talking about the 30 day shred, so this is top on my wish list for 2011!

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred

Great for greasing pans, flavoring browning meat, seasoning salads, 
misting cookie trays, or making pancakes.

Prepara Oil Mister

It's all about portion control and these bowls are great for measuring cereals, fruits, 
soups, chilis, pastas, rice, salads..Anything you eat of of a bowl! 

 Measure Up Bowls In A Set

Fred M Cup Measuring Matroyshkas
Set of 6 Dry Measuring Cups
So cute to display on your counter.

 Fred M Cup Measuring Matroyshkas, Set of 6 Dry Measuring Cups

A cooking scale is essential if you are trying to lose weight.
This scale is easy to read, has a tare feature and is inexpensive.

EatSmart Carb-Factor Scale

My recipes usually require fresh herbs, but what do you do with the extra?
A great gadget to prolongs the life of your fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks.

Prepara Herb Savor

What are some of your favorite items that help you lose or maintain your weight?


SweetiePinkP said...

My brother got me a Wii Fit for Christmas and I LOVE it! I have used it everyday since I got it, (even thought it's only been 4 days that's huge for me). I also got a food scale which has made quite the difference in my portions, which were WAYYYY off!

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

Yes, guessing how much 2 oz of uncooked pasta is as opposed to weighing it, you'll really be surprised how wrong you are. Happy New Years!

Renee @ MyKitchenAdventures said...

have you used the Zumba game for Wii? I asked for just dance 2...and I LOVE it...I can't do it very well, but I really work up a sweat trying to get the moves just

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

I just ordered it! I love Zumba!! I'll report back when it arrives!

Kassie said...

Is the Prepara Oil Mister better than the Misto? I am looking at purchasing one of these and wanted to know your opinion.

I agree with the kitchen scale: it is a MUST-HAVE! =) Also, having a treadmill in my home helps keep me on my workout schedule.

Marni G said...

I LOVE Jillian's 30 day shred! I have that as well as 3+ more of her DVD's....GREAT workouts!

Anonymous said...

Pampered Chef also has an Oil Mister (Kitchen Spritzer). Visit for more info. I'm so glad I found this website. Great info! Thanks!

The Mind-full Motivator said...

The Eat Smart Precision Pro Scale is my favorite out there. I love the fact that you can put on a bigger plate or bowl and still see the numbers---very useful!

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

Kassie, what's nice about the Prepara is you can infuse your oil with herbs if you wish, it's also easier to wash. I use both because I use different oils for different things.

Marni, her dvd's are quite the workout!

FitFish said...

I just went out and bought the 30 day shred after I read this blog and tried it for the first time today. I have to say it is definitely a work out (and KILLER at that. Thanks for your great info!

Kristen said...

I've got the Zumba for PS3 and love it!!!! I do it every day for about an hour. I feel like I work out just as much at home as I did in a class.

Love Kpop said...

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