Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not Losing Weight With Weight Watchers?

I have been with Weight Watcher for over 6 months and am not able to lose any weight. I have talked to leader and I just am struggling. I admit I do have a hard time writing things down. Even when I do nothing happens. I sit in the meetings, all I hear is talk about food, where to get this food, or that food, and I see members salivating at the mention of food. How can I stay on Plan and lose??? 

You didn't mention what you eat all day, and my guess is if you aren't writing anything down, you're not staying within your daily points. Keeping a food log is the most effective way to make sure you are not going over your daily points. When we don't write down everything we eat, we often consume a lot more calories than we realize, that extra cream in your coffee, or larger portions, all add up at the end of the day. If you aren't losing, chances are you might be eating more than your daily points. Keeping a food log might seem like a pain, but after a week, it will get easier because chances are, you probably eat a lot of the same foods, and you'll have the points memorized. By having a food log, you can also see a pattern of where your weaknesses are, and therefor you will be able to change any bad habits along the way. Try to really make an effort for a week, get a small notebook if you must and carry it around with you. You should see results.


Anonymous said...

I'm having the same problem. I log everything I eat faithfully, keep within my daily points and work out 4-5 days a week. I'm going to the doctor for some blood tests next week to see if there is something else going on. I would recommend the same if you track and are still struggling.

Kari said...

Are you measuring everything - or eating an appropriate portion size? I find if I don't measure I end up consuming more points than I should. I also loved using the online e-tools to track instead of writing it down...I'm a computer geek so that helped me track.

Diane said...

If you are working out a lot, you might not be eating enough and your body is thinking it is starving. Eat more of your weekly points on top of your daily everyday. See if that helps you to start losing weight.
And be sure to track everything!

Sabrina said...

I totally feel for you and want to let you know you're not alone. I gained 25 lbs the first 2 years I was on weight watchers (not sure why I continued to go) What made me start to lose weight was to distribute my points over several small meals every day (I eat 6-7 X) that way I prevent periods of extreme hunger when I know I have a tendency to binge. Also tracking is very important -tracking not only what you eat but when you're hungry that way you can see the trend of "hungriness" over your day and eat something proactively.

Mbini said...

sometimes its not about food at all. It could be your hormones, or something related to your health. And if that is not rectified, no plan will help.

I got so discouraged by losing weight and only to put it back whilst still on the plan, and plateauing too early. Get some hormone tests done, if you are doing everything right and still dont lose weight.

My 2c

Cindy said...

I have come to the conclusion that I can't eat all of the points that I am allowed. I don't cheat, yet don't lose. I've also decided that I've forgotten what a normal portion of food looks like. I love to cook, and I spend a lot of time developing the lowest point, yet delicious, versions of foods that my family and I love. In doing that, I find myself having a larger portion that I'd eat if I were a "normal" person (you know what I mean). Since I have quite a few points to "spend," I convince myself that an 8-oz. portion, which would easily fit within my daily points allotment, would be better than a 5-oz. portion, which would be fewer points, yet still satisfying.

I'm going to still cook healthy food, but not reduce the points value quite so much. I'll see if that works.

Vanessa said...

Another thing to keep in mind is to follow the Weight Watchers 'Good Health Guidelines'. Eating the recommended servings of fruits and veggies,healthy fats, dairy, grains, and lean proteins really keep you satisfied and you get a really good mix of nutrients, etc. It's easy to use points up on junk food and still stay with in your range, but my personal experience is that I lose more weight when I eat the recommended foods even if the points are the same for the less healthy options.

Gina said...

Great advice Vanessa!

Saint Luke 3rd Grade said...

Have you had your Thyroid levels checked? That was my main problem. It effects so many different functions in your body like weight gain, fatigue, ability to get pregnant, Carple Tunnel, and all kinds of other stuff- It's a simple blood test and worth ruling out!

Anonymous said...

I also have a thyroid condition and it does make a difference when my levels are off. Also, you might want to increase your activity. We also try to keep all low point snacks in the house and when ever we go out I take them with me. That way we are not tempted to stop somewhere and pick something up. The logging is so very important also.

Aimee said...

For me, keeping a journal is a must. It's easier for me to cheat on my points and not eat well when I'm not keeping track.

Keeping track not only helps me be accounted, but it also lets me gives me a heads up if I need to eat more fruit or veggies.

Anonymous said...

Listen, please hear me. If you do not eat enough points you will not loose weight. This is soooo true. So many stop losing because they are not eating enough points. Add two points for a week or two and see if you start to lose. Im a faithful long time member who continues to lose. Also try to cut back on sugar. It will sabatoge your efforts.

Anonymous said...

As a LT member re-losing some weight I need to add the following:

It does seem that a lot of meetings become obsessed with finding alternative solutions to eating the treats & sweets. Also, the point bars and snacks WW has are really treats. They shouldn't become a staple.

weigh & measure & watch your portions
journal, journal, journal - really! if you bite it, you write it
get moving if you aren't already
good health guidelines before any treats!

That being said, you have to take a look at if you are eating all of your points - daily & the extra - cut back & don't eat all the weekly points if you are. If you are exercising, the activity points may not really be accurate for what you are doing. Try again with some things which you may have done already but in a different combination (fewer points, more activity etc).

Eat every 3 hrs
get a complex carb and a protein with as many of your meals as possible

Then, head to your dr too & have the thyroid checked. Too many dr's will call a LOW "normal" normal. Make sure that you talk to the dr about that range and that you are more mid-normal.

I too am struggling with re-losing but I know too that it's only a few pounds. I do totally sympathize with you. It's hard to think you are doing everything you can and it isn't working. Sometimes, we really need to step back and evaluate whether we ARE doing everything we can.

Stick with it though. WW is the most balanced of any program not only because of the nutritional components, but because of the work challenging your habits and beliefs surrounding food and exercise.

Debbie Nifong said...

Yes, your thyroid can make a big difference, I've been both hyperthyroid and then hypothyroid over the past couple years causing me now to have to loose ~100lbs. Get a good Dr and review the signs before you go so you can give the Dr more of your symptoms then just can't loose wt. Your thyroid effects every body system.
Thankfully I'm now regulated and have lost 40 lbs- 8 last summer and the rest since end of Dec..

You have to be accountable to yourself and track everything that goes into your mouth- even 1/4 cup of cooked onions have like 0.5 point. I weigh my fruit even into grams on my food scale then enter it online most of the time it is like 0.5 of a point instead of 1 like you would think. My apples always weigh more. I find putting things on my food scale saves time with washing all those measuring cups and spoons. Most serving sizes have gm wt on label too.

I also try to weigh myself on most days since I had a thyroid problem. My endocrinologist encouraged me to do it since I gained so much wt. I don't get frustrated if wt goes up but its like a warning signal to maybe drink more water and cut the snacks.

I have just started exercising and the scale is moving again. Do what you enjoy and get rest too.
Stress also makes loosing wt harder. I find I gain when I get upset even when I'm eating right.

Bonnie said...

I too am not losing. I did WW last year and finally quit as I lost 10 lbs and then started gaining. I was tracking, weighing food, exercising 5 days/week (weights and aerobic classes). Went to doctor and she said all is normal that it had to be that I wasnt tracking correctly. I finally saw a nutritionist and it felt more like a counseling session about why I eat food and what triggers my desire for sweets. She also said I was not eating enough for the amount of activity I was getting and if I dont eat consistently my body will hold on to everything. I tend to skip meals and then be starving at the end of the day. I am back at WW and in 15 weeks I have only lost 2 lbs. I had lost 4 in the first couple of months and now I am gaining again. I walk 3-4 times a week as I have a problem wtih my foot and the doctor said no more aerobic classes. Now I am totally frustrated as I feel like I dont have any other options and I have never had a weight issues until the last 4-5 years while going through menopause. Any ideas? Desperate in Seattle!

Gina said...

@Bonnie- skipping meals might be your problem. Try having 5 small meals a day instead for a week or two and see if you see better results. Even if it's a small snack like a yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Catherine said...

I am a lifetime member - lost 98 lbs (averaged about 1 lbs per week) and have kept it off for a year. I found that I had great success eating about 20-30 points over my weekly allowance (that is, 20-30 points above and beyond the 35 party points they allow you). I know people who never go over their points, hardly use any of the 35 extra points, and they struggle (I also know some that lose 2 lbs a week doing this). If you do not do it already, I would suggest digging into some or all of those extra points for a few weeks to see what happends (if you're not getting your milks in, the extra 35 points works great for that).

Lisa Eirene said...

Any program has to be a combination of exercise and food. Counting calories/points, limiting alcohol and sugar intake, and having a CONSISTENT exercise program works. Working out once a week is not an exercise program. I lost 100+ pounds and I did it by counting calories and swimming 3x a week.

Gina said...

I LOVE hearing Weight Watcher success stories! I agree Lisa, you have to work out at the very least 3 times a week for at least 35 minutes. And always challenge yourself. I just started working out again after having the baby. I'm taking kettlebells and hot yoga. Both new to me and I'm seeing results in only two weeks. It feels good to be working out again, and it makes me less likely to eat dessert at night.

francine said...

I wish I found these comments sooner, I was just talking to my sister about this very same problem. I have joined WW about 8 times in my life and each and every time I lose up to 8 lbs and then NOTHING! My body stops losing weight after the 8 lbs. I have already been through menopause and now my dr. thinks I may have a thyroid problem as well. I get the results back on Tuesday and although I don't want it, I almost wish it was so I know why I cannot lose weight, I am active and watch what I eat even when not doing WW and I am still gaining. I saw the dr. yesterday and I gained another 6 lbs. I am extremely depressed over this as I am not tall and any weight I put on shows. I didn't realize so many other people were having the same problem.

Alisha said...

I know for me tracking and measuring is a MUST in order for me to lose weight on WW. If I don't weigh my food, I never lose the weight. Plus if you are not adding enough fiber to your diet and drinking the water, the diet really doesn't work well for me. I've found you really have to follow the WW plan to a "T" in order to be successful with it. Good luck to all the WW dieters on here!

Anonymous said...

Lay off the salt.

Salt makes one retain water, and retained water causes a weight gain.

Drinking water is different.
That helps one to lose weight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ladies.. great points from all your comments.. ive been doing WW for 3 weeks, lost 3lbs in 1st week then nothing for the last two. My bowels are suffering though (sorry to mention it) but is this common? Maybe i am lacking bran and fibre.. any suggestions?

Gina said...

I don't think that's common. WW encourages fiber! It lowers your points. You should be eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Also make sure you are drinking 6 glasses of water a day. And don't eliminate fat completely, your body needs healthy oils such as olive oil, flax, etc.

Anonymous said...

To Bonnie's comment on May 16th

I am waiting for a knee replacemnt, so can't do aerobics. I am working with a trainer at the gym, and am now on a recumbant bike and lift 5 pound weights in a series of excerises to get my heart rate up. Check with your doctor to see if that would be possible for you.

I find that if i don't eat all my points and don't drink milk, I don't see postive results.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,
I agree with all the positive comments about works when you work it!!! Period...that being said, the MEETINGS should be your source of information, insight, how to develop coping skills, and INSPIRATION. If you are not getting any of this, you should find a different meeting with a different LEADER. This makes all the difference in the world while you are on this life-changing journey.
PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE...anyone can be successful with WW.

Leselie said...

I started my weight loss program with Weight Watchers and got to a wall; then I discovered where you log everything that you eat online with them and they calculate everything for you. You can even enter your recipes and it will tell you how many calories that you are eating and the GREAT thing is it is totally FREE!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been exercising 5 to 7 days a week for at least 40 minutes if not 60 minutes. I have not been using my exercise points and only about 5 points per week of my weekly points. I am only losing about 1 pound per week. Do you think I might be starving myself and that is why I'm only losing 1 pound per week? I am 40 years old with no thyroid trouble.

Gina said...

As the Anonymous commenter said, always talk to your WW Leader if you are not losing. That being said, if you are exercising everyday, you should be eating your activity points. Give it a try and see if that makes a difference.

E said...

I've done WW off and on over the years, and I've recently decided to quit WW and instead track calories with a focus on eating organic, natural, whole foods. I think WW is a great program for some, but not for everyone. I think talking to a nutritionist is a great idea, along with tracking your calories (not just points) for a few weeks too.

Shannon said...

I would double check your portions, Weight watchers works.

Anonymous said...

i joined weight watchers at the beginning of May and at first I lost 6 pounds. Now it is June. I am tracking etc and the other day the scale said I had put back everthing except the first 3 pounds.... I had been doing nothing different. It was depressing at weight watchers meeting where everyone was praised for loosing 15 pounds etc etc..... So hard.....

Anonymous said...

Although many foods list the points value on the package, it is important to recalculte the points if you are going to consume more than one serving. Recently at a WW meeting I found out that the WW cakes I love with a value of 1 point right on the front of the package, would increase to a value of 3 points if I consumed two. I had always thought if I ate two it would equal two points, boy was I wrong.

Gina said...

That's a great point you bring up! That is why I personally like to use fractions, although WW doesn't. In reality those cakes ate 1.5 pts. I always check the amount for 2 servings vs 1. Sometimes it's the opposite... 1 serving, 1 point... Then when I check 2 servings, still one point!

Anonymous said...

Wow - these comments are so helpful. Thank you. I'm 56, wanting to lose only 10 lbs, lost 4 lbs easily and then gained 2 back. I am uber diligent about tracking, but am not eating any of my 35 extra points a week. I do find I'm a bit hungry, even though I eat about 6x/day. I excercise moderately (brisk walking 2x/day) and have an active lifestyle. I've just begun to think that I need to increase my water intake and start eating a bit more to compensate for my active lifestyle - that might get the scale moving downward again. What do you think>

Gina said...

Give it a try for a few weeks and see if it helps! And yes, increase your water if your not drinking 6 a day!! Would love to hear back from you in a few weeks to see if it helped!

Anonymous said...

just something I have found.......on the weeks I ate a lot of vegetables--I mean a lot--including zucchini, squash, onions,eggplant,mushrooms and tomatoes with almost every dinner and had more fish were the weeks I lost the most weight

Anonymous said...

Water Water Water. If I don't drink the water I am supposed to, I won't loose the weight.

Thanks for all the comments. These will definitely help me to continue loosing weight if/when I hit a wall.

Anonymous said...

I just began to loose again after a 5 week plateau. Thank goodness I stuck it out! I credit going to group meeting every week with keeping me on the program. I will echo what's been said before: Eat ALL your points; exercise AT LEAST 3 times a week; drink ALL the water; follow ALL the WW healthy guidelines. But most of all: IF FOOD GOES PAST YOUR LIPS, YOU MUST WRITE IT DOWN. Measure, weigh, write - then eat. Otherwise, you'll just be "guessing" and "guessing" how much we were eating is what got most of us overweight in the first place.

jillwheezul said...

I lost 154 pounds in 11 months. My combination:

Weight Watcher Portion Control
Meetings for group support and cheer section
No more than 25 grams of carbohyrate in a 2 hour period.
Eating 5 or 6 times a day
I found (by tracking!) that I had issues with milk products, glutens and sodium. I limit all three now or have one serving a day and choose other alternatives.

Are you a salt-o-holic? Feel bloated often? Is your fat really loose and jiggly vs. being more firmly packed? On blood pressure meds? If so, I suggest trying an experiment - measure all the sodium you take in during a normal day on or something like it just to establish a baseline. Is it over 1500 mg? Are you over 50? Did you know that the daily recommendation goes down for women after 50? I didn't! It's always best to talk to a doctor if you have health issues, or even when starting a diet.

Pickles, soups, cheeses, condiments, salad dressings, soy sauce, canned beans, canned veggies, deli meats and many low fat processed foods are LOADED with salt/sodium, and while WW does look at sodium count in their recipes, sometimes it's still too much for me at least. For most people it's not a problem, but some smaller percentage of people are really susceptible to water retention. Continue the experiment and try to cut your sodium intake in half for a week while following the plan. Dilute salad dressings with non-sodium foods to make them go further (a little milk in ranch dressing or added vinegar to Italian) so you still have flavor. Wash canned veggies before eating. You do need to eat salt. You can also somewhat counter sodium effects by eating foods higher in potassium. How much for you personally is your question to answer.

I grill a weeks worth of no-salt added chicken for lunches (that's what I like) instead of deli meat. I eat mostly filling foods that come non-processed. It made a HUGE difference in how my body started to regulate itself.

Imagine my surprise when I finally figured out that it was all about the balance that worked for me. So much about weight causes us to beat up our inner child. My philosophy is to become detached like a scientist on a quest.

Also look at your vitamin intake.

Anonymous said...

WW works. I have no idea what you're doing. Only you know if you're not working out or if you're cheating. 6 months and no weight loss? Impossible.

Anonymous said...

I found it VITAL to eat ALL the points allowed. And balancing the food groups makes a huge contribution.

Laura said...

It has taken me a year to lose 13 lbs, but I have kept it off thru a series of weddings, bridal showers, graduations, vacations, etc over the past 6 months. I too was not losing very well. Being totally honest with myself I have come to realize that while my exercise is excellent, my eating still needs work. I KNOW what to do, I just sometimes don't DO it. Going to WW and doing WW are 2 different things. I have thyroid issues and menopause issues as well. I had thyroid CA 11 years ago and have no thyroid - use meds. I've buckled down and started weighing all my foods, track and try to avoid using my points on too many snack foods. It is working. As we age, we must be more patient with ourselves. I too believe that WW does work, IF we ourselves work it properly. Don't give up.

Hannah said...

I hit a plateau a while back and I realized that my portions were getting gradually a little bigger. When I got back on track, I started losing again. You have to measure and weigh EVERYTHING, write it all down too. I am a firm believer that we don't track our points accurately, we really aren't "doing" WW at all. Tomorrow is always a new day to start fresh. Be 100% honest with yourself. Start tracking and don't stop... Good luck, it's a continuous battle for me too!

Danielle said...

Have you measured yourself? I was feeling the same way- I didn't see results on the scale. Then I took some body measurements (hips, waist, and thighs) and realized I was losing inches. Since then I realized that losing the inches for me was more exciting!

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

@Danielle- Great point! Muscle weighs more than fat! I personally go by how my clothes look and fit on me and how I see myself in the mirror. Weight is a non-issue to me. I don't even own a scale!

Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with all the problems. I, too, am a lifetime member who has to lose all the weight I gained back. I originally lost 100+ pounds over three years and have gained it all back. I have been diagnosed with lympedema (swelling in the legs)and nothing I do seems to work. I hold all fluids I put in my body and my legs keep getting bigger. Horrible struggle. Keep a positive attitude. I always say, "I am the healthiest fat person I know." I eat right and exercise, but to not avail.

Sara said...

A couple of years ago I lost 30 lbs on weight watchers. I was losing but not very much (like .5 lbs a week). I switch to the core plan (I think its called something different now). That made a dramatic difference and I started losing an average of 1.5 lbs per week. By the end of June I had lost the 30 lbs. Sometimes your body just needs a jolt to get itself restarted. It gets in a comfy zone.

Now I have put it back on and restarted it, although not officially, I just use the free app on the Android for tracking points. Let me tell you how handy that is because I can immediately write down the points no matter where I am. I put in the points for working out as soon as I work out. Aren't phones incredible?

In my first week back on WW, I lost 2.1 lbs. Mostly water weight, but still good. This included my pig out, not tracking points session on the 4th. I was good the rest of the I made sure I was drinking enough water all week. Water is SOOO important, it helps keep all the water in all of your cells regulated, believe it or not. And it also help wash out any "waste" that each cell doesn't need. (sorry, bio teacher here)

If you stick with it and just experiment with different things, you should get off of the plateau eventually. Just keep doing what you do. It's like a hole, easy to dig yourself into, not so easy to get out of it. It's easy to put on the weight, but harder to get it off. (isn't this true about a lot of things). Perseverance is where it is at.

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

What's the name of the app you are using? I wonder if they have one for the iPhone? Thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

Weight Watchers tracks your weight too and calculates if you have bigger/smaller portions.

Martha said...

I agree with Gina's advice. I am obsessive about tracking and it does pay off.

A word of warning or realism though, when I started I did experience some weird weeks. I had a great first week (bodyshock) and two consecutive bad ones (including a mysterious gain which makes no sense whatsoever considering my calorie intake + expenditure).

*However* I also know that my metabolism had dwindled pre-weight watchers, and I also know that I have my own hormonal problems. When I stuck with Weight Watchers, I started getting really good results, almost ever second week. After 11 weeks, I can see a clear pattern. 1 this week, 4.5 the next, 1.5, then 6.

In other words, it is worth sticking with it. 10 weeks on and the change in me is fantastic. Had I given up in those first 3 weeks, I could have gained the same amount I lost.

My advice is to be honest with yourself. Realistically, if you continue to follow this program correctly, the results will come. Maybe not the way you want them too, maybe not immediately, but they will come.

If you are strictly following the programme for longer than 3 weeks without any loss, I would highly recommend seeing a doctor.

Anonymous said...

Two things have worked for me. Measure and weight all foods with points (proteins, fats, carbs), journal with a buddy. I have a friend who is also doing WW and we email our journals every day no matter what we ate or what the points. It has made a huge difference. It's taken me 7 months to loose 10 pounds and I still have 15 to go. I also exercise at least 3x per week.

Anonymous said...

Re Muscle Weight and Fat Weight: Muscle does not weigh more than fat but it takes up less space. A pound of fat and a pound of muscle are both 16 ounces but a pount of muscle is more compact. Hope that helps as this is a common myth.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I lost 30 lbs. on ww and now I put that 30 back with an additional 30. I am at the end of my rope.So depressed.

Anonymous said...

I am a 38 year old male and have tried all sorts of diets that failed me. I started Weight Watchers at the beginning of the year. I have lost 78 pounds so far. The thing I love about WW is that you can eat ANYTHING!

I find that the most important part of this program is the points tracking. If you do not track your points religiously, the plan will not work out well for you. I have seen weeks where I did not count my points everyday and it definitely showed when I stepped on the scale. I also drink about 100oz of water per day.

I track my points on the WW site and I have the iPhone app that I downloaded from the app store and it works great! I also use the site for points calculations (Dotti of also has an app in the app store).

Anonymous said...

I have done ww countless times, not because I'm a yo-yo dieter, but because life throws us curve balls from time to time. After the birth of my two kids I wanted to quickly get back to my prepregnancy weight, but didn't feel I had the time or energy to track everything. I made a bracelet out of beads that corresponded to my daily points allowance. On it is a moveable clasp pendant which I move along during the day as I eat. When the bracelet is done, I'm done. It's a quick easy, efficient way to keep track for me. It's also a good visual reminder.

Sonia said...

HI! IM SONIA I HAVE BEEN ON WEIGHT WATCHERS FOR ALMOST A YEAR AND HAVE LOST 96 POUNDS! I found that if I did not write it down I assumed I knew what I was eating I stopped looking every little thing up and stopped writting and gained weight! If you work the program it works! TRUST ME if I work out though I DO NOT eat extra that has been my rule since I started and I avg 2.4 pounds a week so far which is AWESOME! some weeks I am at a still and some I lose 4-5 a week a few times I have noticed +1 pound but it evens out the following week! TRY it the right way I bet you will win! Good luck!

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

I love the moveable clasp pendant idea, where can I get one??

Good for you Sonia!! I love hearing all these success stories!

Anonymous said...


They sold the bracelets about 4 years ago at Weight Watchers centers. I would say look on e-bay or make one. They are an easy to make.

Crystal said...

Hannah and Laura hit it on the head.
~ Going to WW and doing WW are 2 different things
~ You have to measure and weigh EVERYTHING, write it all down too
~ If we don't track our points accurately, we really aren't "doing" WW at all

The real issue is that many of us are still not being honest with ourselves. We think we are, but we're not. We spent YEARS denying that we were overweight, spent more time denying WHY we were overweight, and now we are spending time denying why our weight loss efforts are "not working". So then it becomes easy to blame hormones, thyroids, menopause, old age, and anything else we can think of to blame our weight gain or lack of weight loss success on.

However, these things alone are not the reasons why we are overweight, and it's not the reason we struggle while on WW. There are PLENTY of skinny hormonal, menopausal, women with thyroid conditions and diabetes. and for the record, Gail Devers was a world class athlete and gold medal winner who was a world class athlete and gold medal winner despite having the MOTHER of all thyroid conditions, Graves Disease. My point?? Our health conditions ALONE are not the reason why we are here today.

The problem with many folks on WW is they look at points as a license to eat. I mean after all the program does say that you can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your point ranges. So we count our points faithfully and think as long as we stay within our point range that we're okay. So we eat whatever we like as long as we don't go over our limit. We count things like candy, cookies, and cakes, and 1-2 point goodies.

Others "think" they're counting points, but they don't weight or measure ANYTHING and, don't own a food scale (or don't use the one they own). They don't write ANYTHING down, or they log SOME of what they eat, but conveniently "forget" to log other things they've put in their mouths. You can't tell 'em they can't POSSIBLY know how much they are eating without measuring or tracking. They've got it covered. They know what a serving looks like. That "little" cookie they ate and "forgot" to write down won't make a difference today.

So we pat ourselves on the back for staying within our points ranges and then are disappointed to find out that we've lost little to no weight after a while. So we start looking for "other" reasons.
hormones. menopause. thyroids. diabetes. high blood pressure. that time of the month. etc. etc. etc.

If we were to get REALLY honest with ourselves we'd find that maybe having seven 1-2 point snacks versus having some fruit or vegetables might be BETTER for our weight loss AND still keep us within our points limits. If we were really honest we'd know that we really don't know what 3 oz of potatoes looks like or that we don't know what 2 oz of sliced turkey REALLY looks like. So for me I got HONEST with myself and stopped using my other health issues as an EXCUSE.

Crystal said...

Hannah and Laura hit it on the head.
~ Going to WW and doing WW are 2 different things
~ You have to measure and weigh EVERYTHING, write it all down too
~ If we don't track our points accurately, we really aren't "doing" WW at all

The real issue is that many of us are still not being honest with ourselves. We think we are, but we're not. We spent YEARS denying that we were overweight, spent more time denying WHY we were overweight, and now we are spending time denying why our weight loss efforts are "not working". So then it becomes easy to blame hormones, thyroids, menopause, old age, and anything else we can think of to blame our weight gain or lack of weight loss success on.

However, these things alone are not the reasons why we are overweight, and it's not the reason we struggle while on WW. There are PLENTY of skinny hormonal, menopausal, women with thyroid conditions and diabetes. and for the record, Gail Devers was a world class athlete and gold medal winner who was a world class athlete and gold medal winner despite having the MOTHER of all thyroid conditions, Graves Disease. My point?? Our health conditions ALONE are not the reason why we are here today.

The problem with many folks on WW is they look at points as a license to eat. I mean after all the program does say that you can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your point ranges. So we count our points faithfully and think as long as we stay within our point range that we're okay. So we eat whatever we like as long as we don't go over our limit. We count things like candy, cookies, and cakes, and 1-2 point goodies.

Others "think" they're counting points, but they don't weight or measure ANYTHING and, don't own a food scale (or don't use the one they own). They don't write ANYTHING down, or they log SOME of what they eat, but conveniently "forget" to log other things they've put in their mouths. You can't tell 'em they can't POSSIBLY know how much they are eating without measuring or tracking. They've got it covered. They know what a serving looks like. That "little" cookie they ate and "forgot" to write down won't make a difference today.

So we pat ourselves on the back for staying within our points ranges and then are disappointed to find out that we've lost little to no weight after a while. So we start looking for "other" reasons.
hormones. menopause. thyroids. diabetes. high blood pressure. that time of the month. etc. etc. etc.

If we were to get REALLY honest with ourselves we'd find that maybe having seven 1-2 point snacks versus having some fruit or vegetables might be BETTER for our weight loss AND still keep us within our points limits. If we were really honest we'd know that we really don't know what 3 oz of potatoes looks like or that we don't know what 2 oz of sliced turkey REALLY looks like. So for me I got HONEST with myself and stopped using my other health issues as an EXCUSE.

Crystal said...

To continue..

Losing weight will resolve most of my health issues. Losing weight has ALREADY lessened the number and amount of medications I have to take for my diabetes. But it started once I got HONEST with myself I started using my food scale and measuring serving spoons and then started CAREFULLY weighing and measuring all of the food I eat. It continued when I started eating more FRUITS and VEGETABLES versus 1 and 2 point goodies. Then I discovered the REAL secret about Weight Watchers. Counting points isn't JUST about keeping track of what I eat. It's not just about being able to eat whatever I want. It means eating HEALTHIER foods overall within my points ranges.

So now my daily food journal is filled with fruits, vegetables and lean cuts of meat and less of the goodies like cakes, cookies, and other treats (even IF they are within my points range) These things are occasional TREATS and not part of my daily eating blueprint. My WW weight loss leader says it all the time. "No one ever got fat eating fresh fruits or vegetables" That's been my new mantra.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am on WW for nursing mama's! I work out 5-6 x a week for up to an hour each day. I eat all of my pts and all of my weekly. I measure, drink a boat load of water, eat super healthy...(almost to a fault) and even indulge in some of my 70 extra pts a week I warn from my workouts. I am not losing, I am noticing that I am more toned but fustrated beyond belief as the scale is not rewarding me for my super hard work. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Hi Crystal,

Just wanted to let you know the weight loss is one of the common symptoms of Graves.

Anonymous said...

Google the wendies plan for weight watchers. I am also hypothyroid and was totally stuck in my weight loss with weight watchers, I tried the wendies plan and lost right away. It works!

Anonymous said...

Honesttly, I'm probably repeating some of whats already been said but...
In order to be sucessful on WW it is vital, VITAL to:
-Drink at least if not more than 64 ounces of water a day
What I did is bought one of those huge water bottles you see at any grocery store(the 1.5 L one) and fill it up twice a day. While at work know you have to drink that whole water bottle, and when you get home refill it and drink it with your dinner.
-Eat all your points!
You MUST. I promise (and know from personal experience) if you don't eat all your daily points or if you eat more you won't lose. Playing guessing games on how much points a food/s are will not work. I know it sounds restrictive, but if you use WW's online points calculator/tracker and map out exactly what you're going to eat the next day it will keep you from cheating and "accidentally" going over. Also, if you know your're not good with counting serving sizes purchase frozen dinners (like Smartones and Lean Cuisines) until you get to the point where you know HOW MUCH of the homemade food you should be putting in your mouth. I also heard somewhere that a person should eat every three hours because if they dont, whatever they do eat after a longer period of time would be stored as fat. So snacking is ok(with in reason of course).

Loosing weight on weight watchers is possible Ive lost 50 pounds over the last 7 months. It is possible!

Shelley said...

I just wanted to say that I agree with everything everyone above has said. I'm losing on WW again after not being OP for almost 7 years. And it is with a combination of exercise and absolutely tracking everything. That being said, I am losing weight very slowly this time, which I'm ok with. But everyone's body is unique. What works for one may not work for others. That's why tracking is so important so that you can look back and see what works and what doesn't. It is the most important tool I have for my weight loss journey.

Debbi said...

I am having GREAT difficulty losing on WW since I quit smoking one year ago. I have not changed my eating habits, but gained 12 lb. anyway. I go to the gym at least 3x/week and walk 3-4 miles every day. I am not a snacker and eat very healthy foods everyday. Talk about frustration - I can't believe I've stuck with it this long!

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

Debbie, now that points plus launched, I wonder if you'll have better success with it.

Debbi said...

Thanks. I have always done well with WW on my own and never had a problem until I quit smoking. I'll need to find out the 'details' of Points Plus and give it a try.

Zig said...

PointsPlus has given me GREAT success. I think my body got used to my calories in and calories out...though I tracked faithfully and exercised. With PointsPlus, I know that not only have I chosen healthier over snacky (and I was eating pretty healthy before), but I changed up my exercise routine so that my body was not predictable. TRACKING, looking up the NEW PointsPlus values like a brand new member, paying more attention to the Good Health Guidelines, portion control, and choosing those great zero PP fruits has helped me lose 7 of those 10 pounds with which I seemed to be struggling forever. YAY!

Anonymous said...

Debbie I too have been struggling with my weight lost since I stopped smoking while doing ww. I lost over 60 lbs in a little over 6-7 months and then have stuggled to lose every pound of the past 35 in a year and half since I stopped smoking...I have been to the doctor and had every test in the country done including a heart cath was done on me pulse rate runs in the 40's not once did my family doctor or my cardiologist come up with the reason for my issues being contributed to stop smoking....but research that I have done I discovered that the loss of nicotine can cause our metabolism to slow down and sometimes can take well over a year to get it back to normal. I think it's been a great test to me...I have stuck with WW making it a life style change and have not smoked for 21 I got to kick it up with my activity and see if that will help this year...Hang in there!!!

Debbi said...

I've managed to lose 7 lb. since my last post one month ago. It's been 13 months since I quit smoking. Stopped going to the gym due to a change in my work schedule. How do we explain this?

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

Did you switch to points plus? If so that must be the answer!

Debbi said...

No I have not had the time to learn Points Plus yet.

Hullabaloo Boutique said...

I am curious...
For those of you following the plan and exercising, have any of you been to an endocrinologist? If so, what were the findings?

Anonymous said...

When I began doing the WW points about 3 years ago, I didn't lose hardly any weight and so I started eating 5-6 times per day and the weight started coming off. I lost 80 lbs. in 6 months. Unfortunately, I gained back about 25-30 lbs when I started eating crazy again. But I'm back on track and I've lost 11 lbs. since the first of the year. But you do have to write down every thing you put in your mouth to make sure you don't go over the allowed points.

Anonymous said...

i started ww the points plus program on january 10-2011 and boy it has not been fun.. as a matter a fact its been a struggle,, i have not cheated at all not even a taste of anything ,,, i hardly ever use my bonus points and work out not to often but do (because of my back),, but im busy all day i have 3 children that constantly make messes so im busy, i track my points faithfully and write EVERYTHING DOWN sometimes ive had points leftover for the day ,, sometimes i use them up and sometimes i go over and use the weekly bonus points see what works best ,,, and i weight and measure everything at meal times i have my scale and measuring cups and spoons right on the table. and ive only lost 7 lbs in almost a month (and im heavy) when i did the old ww plan ,, i lost it really good... im not doing anything different ,, except eating more fruits and veggies because they are free,,, i also use to be a BIG diet soda drinker and i limit myself to 1 glass a day for the rest of the day i drink water,, i also am having a hard time with going to the bathroom too ,,, im lucky if i go once every 3-4 days and its a little bit ,, i was told that i need to add healty oils to my diet cause ive been using the spray butter that is 0 points and cooking spray to cook with ,, i take a multi vitamin and an omega 3 and a probiotics and a zinc as well ... to go to the bathroom i use exlax ..(ive did it twice) i just dont want to use my points for oil ... any pointers ,, please help its soo frustrating to be working really hard and not to see the reward of it coming off on the scale its really discouraging but im sticking with it .... oh also me my husband ,sister and her girlfriend are doing it all together we all live together and im the food preparer they eat what ever i make and im the one who weighs and measures everything out for them and they are all loosing BUT ME !!!! and my sister and her girlfriend dont DRINK THE WATER and they have lost 15 lbs NOT ME !!! everyone says they see that ive lost weight and my clothes fit better but the scales says differently will someone please help thank you !!

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

Have you gone to the doctor to make sure your thyroid is ok?

Anonymous said...

no i hate drs im afraid of them .,, what are signs of tyroid problems ?

Anonymous said...

seems everyone is blaming their thyroids...signs include excessive sweating, excess hair growth/loss and many other things. doubtful it's thyroid...exercising is key to this or any weight loss plan. i work out 6 days a week - a combination of spinning, running and yoga/pilates. when i sweat i SWEAT. it's the only way...i've been up and down on the plan since i started dec. 1 but overall i've lost almost 13 lbs. you have to pay attention to the foods you eat. my daughter is on the plan as well and she's very frustrated only having lost about 5 lbs. (she wants to lose another 10). she does not work out the way i do and she also tends to eat more carbs. even though you may be in your point range it's important to vary how you're getting those points. there's a big difference eating a 6 ounce piece of fish versus a cup of pasta . i also find that cutting back on carbs at night helps alot. you feel lighter in the morning. they do retain water....

emma said...

I really sympathize with this problem but I think the answer is in the question.

I agree that it's important to get a check up before starting any diet, but if everything is okay, maybe check if you are really following the plan to the letter.

I have been up and down, but overall losing at a pretty steady 1-2 pounds a week.

I track every mouthful that I eat. In my first week I bought digital scales and a brand new set of cup and spoon measures and I measure everything.

I never 'guesstimate' the points in a recipe, instead I enter it into the recipe builder online and sometimes the points are surprising. eg. a stock cube and 3 sec. spray of oil are both zero, but if you add both to a recipe the online tool adds a point.

I also try really hard to stick to the healthy eating guidelines, between 2 and 4 serves of fruit, at least 5 of veg, 6 glasses of fluid, 2 serves of dairy, and exercise 1/2 hour every day even if it's at low intensity.

I have found that the key for me was recognizing when I was full and stopping at that point. Yes, you can eat unlimited vegetables, but if you are full and keep eating you will probably gain weight.

I have also never touched the 30-60 activity points I earn every week and I rarely eat more that 2 of my weekly points. Last week was my birthday and when I did eat 20 of my weekly points my weight loss was basically nothing.

Anonymous said...

TO the anonymous poster on February 3, 2011 5:36 AM,

7 lbs in a month is a good thing. Just give it time.
In my meeting I've seen a lot of people lose really quickly at first only to have gains or plateaus as they run out of water weight.

WW recommends you lose no more that 2 lbs a week and you are only just under that.

Stop comparing yourself to others and be proud of the good life choices you've made.

I have so far lost 60 lbs but I have lost at less than a pound a week on average. At first I was discouraged too, but as I've seen my body change I've learnt to be proud of even tiny weight losses. I just think to myself, this is weight that last week I had to carry around and now I don't.

Anonymous said...

Help please I've gained 3lbs in week 1 and have lost nothing so far in week 2!

I track every mouthful that I eat. I use digital scales and measure everything, I never even lick my pinky!

I never 'guesstimate' the points in a recipe, instead I enter it into my WW calculator I bought nor do I go by the points on bought ww meals as many listed are not propoints. I also try really hard to stick to the healthy eating guidelines, between 2 and 4 servings of fruit, at least 5 of veg, 6 glasses of water, 2 serves of dairy, and never spend active points earned.

I go on holiday in 8 weeks and am on the point of quitting if the scales don't move.

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

I'm assumming your doing points plus... I heard some gained before they lost on pp... See how you do next week and report back!

Denise A. said...

I just learned of this website today at a WW meeting. I can't wait to try some of these recipes! I have been struggling with losing weight for the past couple of years. I was very successful on WW 10 years ago and thought I'd try it again. I love the new Points Plus program. I just had my third weigh in today. My first two weeks were good and today I hardly had a loss, but at least it was a loss! I've lost 7 pounds so far. I see a lot of people mentioning thyroid problems here. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last July. I have an interesting case....I went to my primary doctor last year b/c I felt like the right side of my neck felt (and looked) bigger than my left. It turns out that even though my TSH numbers are completely normal, I have an enlarged thyroid. I see an ENT for the control of my thyroid (most people see an endocrinologist). I've had two ultrasounds of my thyroid to make sure I do not have nodules or cancer. Luckily, I don't. My
ENT feels that my thyroid is enlarged b/c it is working too hard. I said all of this to say, make sure you stay on top of your health issues. You know your body and if something is wrong, you know it. I did think that being on the meds would help me lose weight. It didn't. What has helped me is eating healthy again. Now I just need to get myself exercising again!!
Thanks for all the great advice and tips on here! Good luck everyone!

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

Thanks for sharing your story Denise. Thankfully it's all under control. Good luck on Weight Watchers!!

Anonymous said...

The new Pts.Plus program is way too many calories, that's why people are walking away from it. A huge amount of people have gone over to and gotten so much support and info. I myself have lost weight and inches since I made the switch. I wish I would have gone there before WW because it's free, WW won't refund my money. If your thinking of joining WW, try MFP first, I think you will like it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice with I joined weight watchers and Ive been stuck at 165-170 lbs and Ive tried to lose 20lbs. Its funny I had more luck with the points plan than with the points plus plan. The problem is that I cant find the old calculator now that I use to use online. Did they sell an old calculator at the meetings before? If so I might try to find one online?
Its my first time visiting this site and the food looks great. Thanks for the work you've put in to help us all!

Anonymous said...

They have done away with everything from the old program, so unless you have it from before, I don't know where you can get it. I hope you will try MFP. I have learned so much just from the other members. They share recipes, tips, products I didn't even know were out there. Examples, I always wanted to try Vita muffins, but I didn't want to order a whole box online. then a MFP member posted that Target sells a four pack. Picked them up the other day so I could try them. Also, the members share about their workouts and what's out there. I heard about Hip Hop Hustle today. It is an awesome site!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the PP plan, and I've lost 18 pounds on it so far. Free fruits and veggies has made the difference for me this time around. Hated the old plan -- I was always hungry. Now, I'm not.

andrea said...

the thyroid thing is a Real Thing. I was a lifetime member and then kept gaining and gaining and i considered myself well versed in The Lifestyle of WW. After some bloodwork, ultrasounds and a scary nuclear test I found out I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. This means that there are periods of hypothyroid and periods of hyper. so I am able to lose during the Hyper times and I gain during the Hypo times. It means i have to have bloodwork every month to six weeks. Not Fun.

I am considering liposuction.

Oh and possible symptoms I had before medication were irregular period, depression, dry (like super dry) skin, thinning hair and the feeling of exhaustion that mirrored the Mono i had in college or the first weeks of pregnancy.

Krissy said...
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Anonymous said...

If you don't like to track I suggest getting the food calculator that is sold on sale for $5.95 or not on sale $11.95. I don't like to write things down and have found this very useful. It goes with me every where. It can be used to figure points any where you go when you know the fat, fiber, carbs, & protein. I am on like my 10th time with WW and have found this tracking tool invaluable along with daily exercise. I know you posted this a while ago and I hope things are looking up for you with your weight loss. I too believe the leader of your meeting can make a big difference. The meeting I go to has a spunky leader who admits to her faults and has given us ideas on how to fix those faults if we are dealing with that or any other fault. She always says I she has lost 827 pounds and her actual weight lose is 35 pounds. She is just showing us she is human just like we are.

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

Andrea, the thing about lipo is you'll gain it back. I don't think it's worth going through surgery.

She sounds like a great leader. Thanks for sharing about the calculator.

Karolynn said...

I have been having the exact same problem. I previously lost 130lbs on the HCG diet and for the last 20 switched over to Weight Watchers. I have lost a little, but not very much. I went months without losing never eating my extra points or workout points. I recently dropped my daily points to 19 (I know it is bad to do) and have started loosing weight. I started a blog to help me deal with it.

Hrtnubit said...

I have a major concern. I NEED to lose weight so I can get a lung transplant. I took a diet drug that damaged my heart and lungs. Don't remember losing any weight, but that is all a long story, the details. Lucky for me I am still alive, I was given 3-5 years to live and that was 1996. Now,I had thyroid, it was nice, brought my weight down to 158 and a size 7-9 (from a 20-22)Loved it. Now that I am on 3 drugs that may be responsible for weight gain, and menapausal, I cannot be transplanted cause I am too fat. Only been 4 weeks at WW so far, lost 1.6. gained.6, lost .4 and this week I think I have gained. I understand what I am doing, haven't eaten better, but I am having a hard time with water. Is water really that important, can I count tea, coffee, can I put lemon in my water. I wanna wake up skinny, any ideas for exercising on oxygen at a HIGH level. My life sucks...

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

Hrnubit- What diet drug were you taking? I am sorry to hear how it effected your health but be thankful you are alive.

water- sure put a wedge of lemon, lime or even orange and grapefruit in it. Coffee or tea would not have the same effect if it contains caffeine.

Anonymous said...

As someone with hashimoto's thyroiditis, I understand the reaction to suggest getting your thyroid checked. After loosing 20 lbs, I had started to gain it back and swore it must be by thyroid. it turned out my meds were regulating my TSH just fine. In reality, I was looking for an excuse. I got back to what had brought me success with WW to start and the weight started coming off again. you need to find what works for your body. here's what works for mine to lose 1 lb a week.

1)exercise everyday for at least 45 minutes. I started weight watchers running 3 miles max. I just completed my first marathon.
2) When you walk into my kitchen, the food scale is easily accessible on the counter and I have multiple .25 and .5 cup measuring scoops that are dishwasher friendly so I can always measure my food.
3) I only eat my daily 29 point allotment plus 10 weekly points. Anymore than that and I don't lose.
4)I drink a glass of water first thing when I wake up and I drink a glass of water 20 minutes before each meal to fill me up.
5)I always carry a piece of fruit in my backpack. Its the moments of desperation that can ruin a whole week of good eating on some crappy tasting but high point foods. Save them for something good and just eat the fruit on the go.
6)I track points throughout the day so actually remember every little thing that goes in my mouth.

So that's what works for me. I am now 30lbs down and 4 dress sizes.

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

Excellent tips, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever wondered if the WW points system is set up so the weight comes off alot slower than it did on the old program of xchanges? I tried the new one in march and could not lose more than 1.5 lbs over 5 weeks and I never went over my points or weekly additional points allowance. It was so frustrating that I quit because I started to become a little cynical and wonder if maybe the calories in the points were high enough to lose something but not very much which means you are going to keep coming and paying the dues. But they make sure to tell you 1-2 lbs per week is the best way to lose weight but is it only for their bottom line because it will take alot longer? And who says only 1-2 pounds is the only healthy amount? it sure doesnt kill the contestants on the bigger loser when they lose 20+ lbs in one week. ANyway, I was so discouraged because I wouldn't have minded the ww system if it had actually worked. It was a waste of my money but understand it works for others.

Anonymous said...

Here's my two cents - 1-2 lbs a week used to be the rule - back when the average American weighed a LOT less.

I think that in today's society, since the avg person is so much heavier (childhood obesity, anyone?), they can afford to loose more pounds per week... not sure what that number is, maybe 3-5?

Just food for thought...

Cindy said...

I started ww on Jan. 15. I have lost 35 pounds. I have 25-30 more to go. I have been thrilled with the steady progress until now. I am a teacher, so during the school year, I don't have time for anything other than school. I did not exercise other than chasing 25 nine year olds around everyday. Teachers don't ever sit, until we go to bed at 11:00. I promised myself I would exercise everyday when school was out. And I least 30 minutes everyday. The weight loss stopped, and I have gained 2 pounds both weeks. I am tracking as usual. I eat exactly 29 points, drink all my water, take my vitamins, track my healthy guidelines, eat 2-4 fruit servings a day, eat lots of veggies, do not eat empty calories, have only used some of my weekly points twice in 6 months, and have the willpower of an ox! Remember I spend everyday with 25 nine year olds. I have control down! What is going Any ideas. I track online, use the recipe builder to make sure I am tracking correctly, measure everything, weigh in grams, and never guess. The online tracker does not let you use the points you earn exercising until you use your weekly points, so I have not eaten more. I am not sure what to do differently. Any suggestions?................anyone?


Casey said...

Google the mayo clinic for under active /hypothyroid symptoms. Excessive sweating [which someone mentioned] is more likely to be hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid, though it could be quite another source so check with your doctor. The constipation someone mentioned does often go with slow thyroid though. I am hypothyroid and it is tough going at W/W even with medication, the weight loss is so slow... The Mayo clinic also says a safe rate of weight loss is one to two pounds a week [no more than that, which W/W also says] so that is what I am going to aim for instead of this half pound a week I've been doing... even if I have to not use some of my weekly points, as it's too discouraging to lose so slowly and I don't want to quit.

Susan Ayers said...

Also have your doctor check your Vitamin D level... I did everything under the sun and then some trying to lose weight.. I didn't lose not one ounce.. Injured myself a time or two but never lost a pound lol...

Found out my vitamin D level was in the teens.. it should be above 60, closer to 100 is better... Now that it is coming up, the weight is starting to drop.. slowly, but dropping none the less.. Dr. told me this seems to be a common reoccurance after 40...

Anonymous said...

I started WW in late March and like others am excellent with exercise but not so much with tracking. What I have done was hire a person to make dinners and we only use Skinnytaste for recipes. So I know what my points are for dinner and usually breakfast is 5 points. Lunches are difficult for me. I am in sales and bring lunches to offices 3-5 times weekly. I have only lost 10 lbs through this journey and am trying to make non scale successes more prevalent.

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

That's pretty smart! I plan on putting more sandwiches soon, hope that helps you!

Noelle said...

I am sooooo glad I found this site, it is AWESOME. I have been on WW since Feb of this year and I have lost almost 41 pounds and my hubs over 50, I track, he doesn't( he uses e-tools sometimes). I have found that when I really follow the healthy guidelines, namely getting in my milk, I do better. I also have been concentrating on eating more power foods too. I hate exercising, but i try to force myself to walk at the very least 3 times a week.

Laurel said...

I have been at a healthy weight for most of my life, with the exception of pregnancies, and I am even a former WW leader, having lost 32 lbs. after the birth of my eldest child. However, last year I gained a "mystery" 10 lbs, and could not lose it this time with the new WW plan for about a year.

I did find success using, a free website for calorie counting, and I also discovered what my problem was with WW.

I have become more and more athletic over the years to the point where I work out very hard 6 days a week now. It seems my weight gain a year ago was actually related to a significant increase in activity without properly increasing the number of calories that I ate -- believe it or not, I was consuming TOO FEW calories for my level of activity (minimum WW points--not eating exercise or extra points), and that caused my metabolism to slow to the point where I actually gained weight.

Rather than reiterate the reasons for this here, I will give you the following link, which is what put the light bulb on for me:


Here is what I think the key is: if you are a very active, regular exerciser on WW, you need to eat ALL those exercise points ON THE DAY you earned them, or at least within 24 hours. Saving up points for a special day is NOT a good idea for serious exercisers bc their lean muscle mass needs to be fed when it is worked, not 4 days later. Your body only knows what you feed it today and what you demand of it today--it doesn't know you're going to feed it extra on Saturday night. Saving extra points is for very heavy people or people who don't exercise very much or at all.


Anonymous said...

There are actually some chromosomal disorders that are obesity related. While they are extremely rare, it is possible you might have something similar. My daughter had Prader Willi Syndrome, and I've been told that there are some individuals out there they suspect have the disorder but a mild version of it. There are several other syndromes I've heard of where tendency to obesity is part of the issue.

Anonymous said...

I read several of the comments about thyroid problems preventing weight loss. After the birth of my second child at age 40, I started gaining weight rather than losing the baby weight, no matter what diet I was on. Finally . . .I was diagnosed with PCOS. With medication and following WW Points+, I have lost 20 pounds. If you are struggling with weight loss, get your insulin levels checked. It could be PCOS. The main symptoms are multiple cysts, increased insulin levels, fatigue and weight gain.

Anonymous said...

I'm just starting WWPP, using the calculator (and my sister's account to look up info on the website). I lost 1.5 lbs in a week. It has been so helpful to be accountable for everything I eat (that way I don't excuse bad snacking - even when I jog for an hour :) I have a hard time using all my points though... I know I need to eat more in the morning/early afternoon, but it's a mental issue... I feel like I have to save points for after work just in case. Most days I have about 5 pts left. But I do eat a lot of fruits and veggies and drink lots of water. Guess we'll see if this keeps working.

Brooke said...

I have never managed to lose any significant weight on WW, but I believe it's a good program. Just not for me.
I write down every bite in I love it because you can also follow your nutrients if you upgrade - otherwise it's free. I usually fill out my day ahead of time and adjust if the plan changes. That way I have a plan of attack and don't have to think so hard - which leads to mistakes on my part. I weigh everything and watch sodium like a hawk. Agreed...lots of veggies, lots of or two fruits a day for me...otherwise I get too much sugar.

Anonymous said...

I worked out and logged religiously for 2 months before I started losing weight. Sometimes it just takes some time to jump start your metabolism and get your body used to your new lifestyle!

BARB said...

Try switching to the Simply Filling program...sometimes the change will make a difference (it did for me) AND no tracking!

Anonymous said...

I have lost 22 lbs. thanks to Gina's yummy recipes - the ones in the Weight Watchers books are way to much like being on a diet, Gina's recipes are so good my family has no idea they are eating healthy. What I have found works for me is to plan in advance, I work full time and take care of everyone in my house so figuring out what to eat each day is a challenge. Plan out what your going to eat for every meal, snack for a week - this makes it easy to not have to think about what your going to eat, and stops the impulse to eat something that may be over your point intake for the day. This also helps keep your grocery bill down, only purchase what's on your list for the weeks meals/snacks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing THE WENDIE PLAN - my mom is hypothyroid and she has been fluctuating between a 3-5 lb loss and gain. It's been 1 month tomorrow and she is dreading the weigh-in because she doesn't have a significant (or even insignificant) loss. My sister and I are also doing WW Points Plus - we all started together. I have lost 21 lbs, my sister has lost about 7 and my mom was getting down and beating herself up even though she follows the guidelines well. We've begun using Ketone Strips for a quick evaluation of the best foods for each us specifically - they're a great help. Thank you so much - she is already excited to start fresh, armed with this new information! ~Erin

Anonymous said...

Btw, I did calorie shifting which was excellent for me! (Fat Loss 4 Idiots) - it seems the same concept behind the Wendie Plan I just didn't have much support because the combinations of food put people off at times (i.e. string beans and scrambled eggs) but it kind of depended on what foods you chose. You had a lot of freedom with it but not as much as with WW. I have 54 points and can NEVER use it. It's just waaaay too many points. My problem was not eating a lot all day - it was eating one large meal (ex: 1.5 cups rice, plantains, 2 pieces chicken with skin and gravy/sauce or my favorite a stack of 4 medium-large pancakes w/syrup and butter) after ignoring food all day (forgetting to eat/busy with FT school and FT work) and the wrong snacks (ColdStone Ice Cream date with my honey(Size: "Gotta Have It")i.e. LARGE lol). Now I eat throughout the day fruit salad, bananas, tea, soup, etc. I also use products like carbquik, ZSweet, Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, spaghetti squash, cauliflower rice, mashed potatoes and mac'n'cheese. Who knew - cauliflower is amazing! [I had the mash pot. on the SB Diet years ago] Same activity level - Jog 1.5-2 hours daily (5-6 days/week) and still drinking lots of water. I'm loving WW - the group leader is great! Super Pumped (Fort Lauderdale, FL). I think the support and accountability were all the difference in the world to me. Best wishes to you all! ~Erin

Anonymous said...

One of the recent posts mentioned saving points for after work. Another thing I've done as a WW member who's lost 80 lbs and is within 10 lbs of my goal, is to change when I start my day. I start counting points when I sit down to the evening meal table. That way I have whatever I need to have during the evening, and can plan my meals for the next day without thinking I have to bank/save anything. Has worked really well for me.

Gina @ Skinnytaste said...

Best tip I heard all year!

Anonymous said...

I am 56, postmenopausal, and have multiple health issues that prevent me from doing any strenuous exercise. That being, said I have lost over 55 pounds in the last year on WW by following some very simple things (many already mentioned because they work): journal everything, drink plenty of water, no soda--not even diet, limit sugar including artificial sweeteners, 5 dried prunes a day to control constipation, limit salt, eat several small meals a day and eat all of your points, stay away from processed packaged food trying to eat fresh whenever possible, no late night eating and finally exercise does not have to be any more strenuous than a stretching or beginner's yoga class.

Anonymous said...

Just started the POINTS PLUS program today at a weight watchers at work program. Super motivated. Love your site Gina and have grabbed a few recipes for Week One. So happy to have this site as a resource/tool. I'm one of those who has noticed a huge slow down in my metabolism since the onset of menopause.
Thanks to all the fine folks who have posted tips and success stories. You're my inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I love the tip about starting your day tracking in the evening. I am an "after work time eater", that should work great for me. And 5 prunes from another post :)

Peg said...

this is a great thread - thanks everyone who made suggestions, and Gina. I do have to say that it seems a bit over-the-top to me to say "everyone can lose weight on WW" and automatically default to the "if you don't lose on WW, then something is wrong with you or what you are doing." Not wanting to offend, but that is just plain arrogant or ignorant. As a nursing student I can tell you that the body is very complex and making such statements can really do a lot of damage to people who are really trying to follow everything, but not seeing results...and are obviously distressed about it. Unless the people making the statements are doctors who specialize in weight loss or nutrition, please, stop making those blanket statements. Thank you to the people who have offered suggestions on different things that have helped them. To the people struggling - I feel ya. I'm there with you. I can't figure out why I'm not losing while following instructions to a T. But I'm still trying...don't give up, fellow strugglers.

Anonymous said...

been on weightwatchers since end of january 2011. I have lost 80.8 lbs. The program works when you work the program. You must drink the water, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and eat healthy points. I have taken a couple of months off, where I did not do the program. I maintained the weight i was at for the two months and then restarted the program at the weight I left. I have 23.8 pds to go. It will be really slow, because my body seems to like this weight. I think by the end of March I will be at goal. thank you weight watchers.

1ac64c62-1c4e-11e1-90c1-000bcdcb2996 said...

I've been doing the new WW plan since Jan. 2011, and have lost 56 pounds. I have 49 left to go. I've hit my plateaus for a few weeks at a time, and I admit, it is VERY hard to stay motivated when you aren't seeing results. But the one thing I've kept in my mind is this: I really have two choices. I could go back to the way I was eating and back to the way I was feeling, and back up 3 sizes, or...I could keep trying. There really is no in between. But the key is to constantly keep things changing. If I eat too many of my (bonus) Weekly Allowance Points one week, then I change it up and eat less of them throughout the next week. My goal is to have 12 - 20 left for the weekend. And guess what? Even though I'm eating the SAME AMOUNT of overall points each week, my weight loss kicks back in because I've kept my body guessing on a day to day basis. Also, drinking ALL of the liquids (keeping it mostly to tea and water), watching the sodium (I weigh every day and can tell you diet sodas, some taco seasonings, soups, Chinese food and more have "hidden sodium" that will make my weight fluctuate), and tracking every day WILL make you lose again. Find what works for you...just don't stay in a rut and eat and do the same things over and over! Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is...well...silly. said...

For people out there loosing weight and exercising....don't get confused....MUSCLE DOES NOT WEiGHT MORE THAN FAT.......AS A BIOCHEMIST, DIETITIAN AND MED STUDENT it is just not the truth. Good luck to all of you on the journey of loosing weight!!

Morgan said...

hey everyone! This is slowly turning into my favorite website! I did weight watchers three years ago and lost 20ish pounds.. then started p90x and followed their nutrition plan; fell off and gained some weight back, not terribly but my pants are a little tight :(

I am still doing yoga 3x a week and total body training 3x a week on top of working at two jobs, so i burn a lot everyday.. my ww points says 29 a day but ive upped them to 33 points.. u think i should add more?

WE ALL HAVE THE ABILITY TO LOSE WEIGHT!! Be consistent and focused :)

Morgan said...

Someone also said something about waiting for your body to lose weight and register with the workout plan.. always remember that rome wasnt built in a day and neither are our bodies! We sometimes actually bloat and gain weight when starting something new and strenuous (such as couting points more religiously and working out) because our bodies go into shock mode.. then the real changes occur :)

sparty121 said...

You have to play with your points to see what works for you. My leader told us just last week that just because you're allotted 30 points, for example, doesn't mean you have to eat 30 points. The ideal number might be 25 or 22 or 29. Everyone's body is different and WW's prescribed number might be too much or too little for you.

One thing I did from the very beginning was not rely on activity points and I even try not to use my weekly points. Sometimes it happens, but I don't lose weight when I use all my activity and weekly points. Tracking and measuring are absolute musts, too. I stopped tracking for awhile because I got lazy and sure enough, I gained a couple pounds and then hit a plateau. I've also learned that there are certain foods I cannot have in my house because I simply can't control myself when they're around. If you don't buy it, you can't eat it.

You also need to do a variety of physical activities to keep your body guessing. If you do the same thing every day, your body gets used to it and doesn't change.

tara said...

What you eat makes a huge difference, I am not discounting real imbalances in ones system that effect weight loss, I just want to point out that WW is not a perfect system. I did lose 20 lbs on WW, so I am a fan, don't get me wrong.

Take the time to learn about what you are putting into your body. Sugar is still sugar, whether is engineered in a factory (fake sweeteners) or the plain old Dominos sugar out of the bag. You can eat all trash food and still remain in your points. Go extreme for just a week and cut out sugar (yes, really- all of it, even that 1gram of sugar in Cheerios- stay away!), processed foods and no drinks but water. Call it an experiment, but see if you are still holding on to that weight then.

Obviously, you don't have to live your nutritional life like this forever, but you may have to take some extreme measure to jump start your body. Sincerely good luck.

Linnie said...

I found I could lose on WW (online) if I kept to my points as closely as I could. Did not use the 49 extra points allowed each week (the most I used was maybe 10 or 15 of those points if we dined out a couple times and I couldn't keep the points within my range). I exercised, but never added those as extra earned points I could consume. By not consciously using the extra 49 points per week, I figured it allowed for unknowingly miscalculating point count values.

I lost 25 lbs in 6 months as long as I actually counted my points. When I stopped counting, and figured I could do it on my own, I didn't gain, but didn't lose either. Up and down 1-2 lbs. Back and forth. Now, my "food nazi" -- husband -- will ask, "Did you count your points yet? You sure you can have that?" I'll growl, and go online, go back and record all I have eaten that day, and nearly every time find I've already reached the limit or have 1 or 2 points left.

It is amazing how the points can add up. It also makes you make better choices. I had a hard time giving up Pepsi. So I just added 5 pts to my lunch if we went out to eat -- asking for a kid size 12 oz :) Come evening, I'd regret wasting 5 pts on that dang soda. So I started to go half and half. But still, that was 2.5 precious points. Now I drink diet when I'm out, and if it is a self-serve, I add a splash of regular (psychological!)

What I like is WW doesn't deprive me or force me to eliminate foods. You learn, as I did, that your choices can be sugary if you want but those choices will take away points you'd rather have left over at the end of the day. It made me accountable for what goes into my mouth. But they were my decisions, not from a list of do's and do not's. When I don't lose one week, I can always think back on what I ate that probably tipped the cart.

Anonymous said...

I had the same issue, and I carefully logged EVERYTHING for almost 6 months only to find out I have hypothyroidism, which pretty much means that I had no metabolism. I'm a physician so its crazy that I didn't self diagnose myself before! If you have any of the other symptoms (doesn't have to be all of them), such as cold intolerance, thinning hair, fatigue, depression, constipation, etc, then go see your doctor. It just takes a simple blood test to diagnose and a synthetic daily hormone should fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

On WW, following the plan, measuring acurrately, counting points, exercising and writing in your journal - And not losing weight? Face it... you're fooling yourself somewhere...there is no way if you do all that you said that you won't lose weight. Why don't you face the truth and admit you're playing at it?

Anonymous said...

If you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) you really have to watch your carbs more than your fat intake. WW allows a lot of carbs, albeit, often complex carbohydrates, but they can still be a problem. With PCOS, one of the hallmarks is that it is easy to gain weight but very difficult to lose even through diet & exercise. Often women with PCOS also have Hypothyroidism.

Anonymous said...

If you are over 40, Weight Watchers doesn't work well. You have to cut carbs and it makes you cranny. I'm looking into a new cookbook on using very healthy carbs like bulgur and farro. I didn't like weight watchers.

Courtney said...

Okay so I didn't read all the comments, as I don't want to search through everything. It can be difficult to shed the weight, but make sure that you're drinking SO MUCH water!!! You should be peeing constantly and it should not have much color! Also, be sure you're getting variety, lots of different food groups and different fruits/veggies. Finally, don't get discouraged! It didn't get there in a few months, and it probably won't go away in just a few months either! Keep at it and don't cheat yourself :)

Karen said...

I have never tried WW because I know it's too much work for me. I just found out about a 90-Day Challenge that does not require counting points or measuring. I love it! My first week I lost 3 pounds and counting!

Apie said...

I just started doing WW with my boyfriend, and I'm starting to realize you cannot "eat what you want". In reality, you HAVE to change what you eat or it doesn't work. Talk about a wake up call. I'm type 2 Diabetic and I'm hoping this works well to maintain sugar and lost weight. I have 150 lbs to go to reach my goal weight. It's going to take a lot of willpower and a lot of journaling. I pray this works.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I strongly disagree with Anonymous above who stated that WW doesn't work if you're over 40. I went on WW in Oct 2010 when I was 44, followed it to the letter eating a healthy variety of food (including carbs), tracking everything & getting plenty of exercise. I lost 30 lb and reached goal in about 6 months, and have maintained my weight since then. If you're over 40 & reading this, WW DOES work, if you are willing to follow the plan.

Mitzi6465 said...

okay so I hardly ever drink water... im talking maybe two glasses of water a week. I'm only in my 5th week of WW and the first week I lost 7lbs then the second i gain about 4. The week after that i lost .5 and now I seem to be stuck. Will drinking water help me?

Anonymous said...

This is my second time to use WW. The first time I was VERY successful. However, with the new Points + I am not finding the success. It has been VERY frustrating because I am faithful to track everything I eat, I never go over the daily points, I exercise 4-5 times/week, NEVER eat the activity points OR the extra 49 for the week. I drink LOTS of water, eat lots of veggies.....I've been playing with the same 1 point for over a month....up 1, down 1 stay the same.....I am at a loss as to what to try.

Anonymous said...

One of my problems with WW is I can't have all that sodium. It causes me to put on extra fluids...

Anonymous said...

I seem to lose weight one day and then I exercise and I weight myself and I have but on a pound.Now how can that be if I exercise I should be losing not gaining more weight .I just don't understand.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of people not losing weight on the new WW program. It didnt work for me either and I lost big with the old program. The fact of the matter is 28-29 points is just too much food for me to lose weight on. You can't eat unlimited fruit (carbs) and expect to lose weight if you are carb sensitive. Unfortunately, the slower you lose weight the more fees WW gets to collect.

fast diets said...

If I were you, I must try other diet techniques. If the program doesn't work for you, it's a good idea to try another one.

Karen said...

I'm having the same problem as the rest of you. I became lifetime in 1984 losing 120#, sadly regained and then lost 148# a few years later. I came back 9/06/11 and have only lost 15#. I lose a little gain it back, etc. I am 95-99% on program. I don't think people believe me at this point. I am tired of all the "advice" I get. Count the fruit, don't use the 49, use the 49, well, your age, drink more water, exercise more. When did WW become so complicated? I use to just follow the plan and lose like crazy.

Anonymous said...

Gosh I hear you - I tracked, I tweeked and finally gave up and went back to momentum *where I lost nearly 50 lbs - with 50 to go, btw.
Now I am losing again. I was so frustrated - wished they would allow momentum back as a choice.

Anonymous said...

Same here. 13 weeks on WW and I lost the same 7 pounds twice. I tracked all the food, kept up with activity points, etc and NADA. My husband had a similar result though he did lose more weight than me. Both of us hit a plateau around 10 weeks and just couldn't budge the scale.

Someone recommended the book WHEAT BELLY. Wow. I am NOT a health nut or even close to it. However, that book really made me wonder, so the hubs and I decided to try the wheat-free life for 4 weeks just to see.

At least for us, it was a miracle. The weight began to fall off even though we were now not truly doing the WW program. I'm stunned. So for us, the answer was to eliminate wheat. And truly, I don't miss it though I thought I would.

Anonymous said...

I used to do weight watchers I lost weight but it didn't teach me any good habits. Move to rosemary conely it's so much better and healthier

Emeline said...

Also be careful of how you use your points during the day. I find that even if I stay within my points, if I only eat 1 or 2 points for dinner because I overindulge for lunch (even with a very healthy option) I will not lose weight and might have gained weight the following day because my body went into starvation mode.

Anonymous said...

I have had a lot of success on WW. I'm very religious with my points I track before I eat. But if you are staying within your points and exercising you may want to go to the doctor and have blood work done. After loose 15lbs I found out I had hypothyroidism with that knowledge and help I'm down 50 :) just stay strong it is difficult but oh so worth it.

Shanna Gekko said...

Just a quick comment on all the tracking for WW. Remember to count your BLTs.. That's Bites, Licks, and Tastes. My boss was doing WW with me and she had plateaued a bit. Turns out she wasn't counting her BLTs! Once she started doing that she lost of 101 lbs!

Water helps too, but those BLTs can sabotage.

Anonymous said...

Weight Watchers DOES work. You have to follow the program/the Good Health Guidelines, consume ALL of your points every day, TRACK everything, don't miss your meeting, exercise and drink water.
I have lost 90 pounds!

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what's happening to me. I earn about 30 activity points a week, eat all my daily points including the 49 extra & most of my activity points. I track everything & now I'm starting my 4th week. I lost almost 3lbs the first week & nothing since. I'm wondering if it's worth paying all this money.

Anonymous said...

If you are very active you need to eat back all your points. Believe me! Eat a few heavier meals (ie. cream sauce,take out) and you'll see the scale move. 4 weeks isn't enough time. you need to give it at least 10 weeks to see a diffrence.

Anonymous said...

don't forget the oils AND the dairy......essential....i didn't lose for 3 wks. then after having leader check she said they were a must...even if adding pts. (I was under pt. level before points plus) but by adding those two-boom lost 4 lbs.

Anonymous said...

I lost 60lbs several years ago and kept it off for 5 yrs. I eventually gained back 40lbs because I used fatty/sweet foods to comfort myself from long-term neck injury pain. I'm now back at WW to lose the 40 again. This what I have found that works:
#1) week 1:
A) Attend meeting;
B)Commit to 3 months to follow the program *exactly* (points, exercise, tracking...) without tweaking, this is hard for me because I am a tweaker.
C)Its a mental thing more than a food thing - I pay attention in the meetings like it is new.
D) If I stop losing, I work with the teacher even if I have lost more weight than her and even if I am older. The humility thing I find not fun, but it sure helps... - also helps to stay with the same teacher if possible.
E) I start to lose automagically

#2) Rinse and repeat in following weeks .... until done.

*By 3 months, I have made so much progress, I keep going.

At the end of the day, if you conquer the mental block (the meetings help), the weight loss is simply a detail. If I can lose with being overweight all my life, I am sure we all can. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

This page truly has all the information I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

Sandy B said...

I lost 150 pounds with WW eight years ago. I was over 40 by the way. In the past three years I gained 65 pounds of it back. I thought - no problem I will go back to WW and get it back off. It did not work this time. I did everything as I had done before and it was so frustrating to get no results. Also I was tired all the time. I went to a FNP that specializes in bio identical hormone treatment and I was low in three different hormones as well as Vitamin D. All of those things were making making me tired and she told me I wouldn't lose weight until I started getting hormone replacements. That was at the end of September 2012. In this treatment the hormones are compounded to match exactly what you need. She told me to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day. Shortly after starting this, which is a cream you rub in each night I began to feel my energy returning. I had forgotten how it felt to feel so good. I have now lost 40.5 pounds. I have lost steadily every week even during the holidays. Everyone is different and what works for one might not work for another. Don't get discouraged. Listen to your own body. If you are doing the program and it isn't working then I would suggest getting a blood test done and see if there are reasons you might not be losing. I feel great - not just with the weight loss but my energy level, my mood - I am so thankful to have found out about bio identical hormones. I pray that this can help someone.

Anonymous said...

@ crystal, wow, who knew that Graves disease is the "mother of all thyroid conditions"? As a thyroid cancer survivor, I pretty much think cancer tops it. Most, not all, people I've ever known with Graves lose weight like crazy. That said, I can tell you from personal experience that being hyperthyroid through meds will not help most people lose weight. It makes your heart race and most people just feel tired.

Anonymous said...

i agree with this

Anonymous said...

I am beginning my second month on WW. The first week I lost 10 lbs! The second and third weeks 5 more lbs! I was on a roll. Then week four I gained back 2 lbs and week 5 I have gained 10 total. I exercise moderately several times per week and don't eat the activity points. I do eat some of the bonus points but not all. I am in the process of evaluating what I need to focus on. My conclusion thus far is not all points are the same. A point of protein, complex carb or fiber is not the same as a point from empty carbs. I am going to adjust and get back on track. It's a learning experience.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have been doing ww since may 2013', lost 5lbs first week, then got put on iron tablet, and I take medication for my back which affects me, causing regular constipation. I had my gallbladder removed last year in March which don't help either. I gained the little weight that I lost as I got fed up with not losing anything. Yes I did the plan and tracked everything and I lost 1lb in weight put it back on and so forth. I was gonna give up but they have this simple start plan, where you do the filling and healthy plan and have treats for the first week and then add pro points with it after two weeks. I think it may be working as I have been on the scale and it appears to be going down. We'll I will see what happens next week. But give the filling and healthy a try and pick up the leaflet with the details from your leader or online. I think I prefer the filling and healthy plan. Try it and see how it goes, but to be honest you do need to do some exercise also.

Sue said...

Hi Gina, first of all, wanna say I LOVE your website. The family likes the recipes too. Woohoo!
I'm not able to post comments to ask questions under the recipes and don't know why. It worked once, I signed up to post? Hmm. Any help on this would be great!
Can anyone tell me where in Ontario you can find low carb pasta?
Can you freeze the buffalo chicken dip?
And I'm a WW member too, Gina, if I mix in your supper meals, for ex, the delicious Swedish mbls, would I have success in still losing? Once weekly beef only and pasta once? It's mostly chicken salad and more chicken and salad. It's gets soooo boring. Tnx :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any experience with losing weight after menopause? It doesn't seem to be mentioned much and I have noticed a huge (negative)change in the ability to lose weight despite following the plan and exercising3-4 times a week.

Anonymous said...

I did not have any success on weight watchers but have recently tried the SHred diet by Dr. Ian Smith and have had success. it is easy to follow as he tells you what to eat for each meal and snack and when to eat.

Anonymous said...

I know I've only been on WW for 1 month but have only gained weight. I'm diligent in tracking and trying to stay away from sweet snacks (even when counting the points) It's very frustrating not seeing even a little bit of results. It's easy to say stick with it but from this side of things 1 month feels like a very long time and weight loss, even a very little weight loss, is a great motivator. 3 years ago I cut out "whites" in my diet and saw great results- then had a personal disaster happen and stress eating put it all back on. I want to lose it again and am feeling stressed out by the nonexisitent results. normally

Anonymous said...

I have been following WW for 7 full weeks today. I write down everything I eat, measure my food when I can. Ive always eaten healthy. No processed foods at all. and with much difficulty I have lost a total of 5 pounds...that is until today...I gained 3! I use Active Link and gained 61 activity points this week. I have become an exercise crazed woman. There is no possible way I can eat all those points and if I did i would have probably gained more weight. What the heck is wrong with me. Is is because I'm 51? No one seem to talk about this in meetings....

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Louise Erdrich said...

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Anonymous said...

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I think you nailed it. Thank you.

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My boyfriend and I lost a lot of weight following an excellent program! I think it will not be online for a long time, so watch the video now!

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Sprout Sister said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one. I have lost 9 pounds in3 months on Weight Watchers. I am religiously following the program, getting exercise,etc. Many of the people in my meetings are very overweight and they are loosing 5 pounds a week. I am wanting to loose 30 pounds so that I will weight 140. I am 5ft 7 inches and in fairly good shape. But it is very frustrating when I am loosing 2 -6 ounces a week.

I have paid up until May 11 so - Weight Watchers is easy to follow and it does get you eating much healthier but I don't think it is the best way to loose weight.

Anonymous said...

I lost more weight when I started walking a few miles a day, years ago, without being on WW. I can't do that now because I work full time, but when I had the time I was doing 3-4 miles a day and the weight came off -- without "dieting" -- I naturally craved healthier food, but I still "cheated" and still lost weight. This week (been on WW for 5 wks now) I gained 1.8 lbs. on WW after following every stink'n rule!! WW should also stress that we take our measurements because sometimes we are losing inches but it doesn't show on the scale. The scale is very finicky -- a good tool, but not the end-all to what's going on in our bodies.

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Its nothing like losing weight with weight watchers. Its the best weight loss method today. Even it would be the best in future.

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