Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breakfast and Lunch Ideas for Work

Now that I work I have to find more breakfast ideas and portable lunch recipes. Can you try to share some ideas for breakfast recipes which are quick to prepare and some lunch recipes that are portable and can be frozen before hand to reheat and take to office with me?

I know a lot of you have discovered great low point breakfast and lunch ideas. I would love for you all to share what you eat at work as well as your low point snack ideas.

This is what works for me...

Breakfast- there is nothing more portable than a hard boiled egg. I cook 4-5 of them on Sunday and keep them refrigerated. Each morning I take one egg and a piece of fruit with me to work for breakfast for a 3 to 4 point breakfast, depending on the fruit. I also have oatmeal, oatmeal shakes or Greek yogurt with nuts and fruit to switch it up so I don't get bored.

Lunch- in the winter I refrigerate or freeze my leftover soups in individual disposable containers portioned out. You can write the points on the container with a marker so you remember. I also bring leftovers from the night before because I always cook extra for dinner. I pack fruit for snacks and trust me, if you're not a fruit person, when you are hungry you will be so happy you brought it. You can also buy 1 point bread or sandwich thins and make sandwiches. Use mustard in place of mayo or buy light mayo if you must. Load your sandwich with lean chicken or turkey and lots of veggies. There are also a few 1 point wraps I like to use. Low carb wraps are usually lower in points and higher in fiber than whole wheat wraps so check your labels when you shop.

I look forward to hearing your low point ideas!


yummysushipajamas said...

I do Greek yogurt and fruit or eggs for breakfast, and when I am super busy I do Vitatops.

For lunch, I do tuna salad in a wrap, quick salads with dressing on the side (my favorite is baby spinach with shredded carrots, craisins, pecan pieces and low fat blue cheese), or Progresso soups.

For snacks... fruit, ww snack cakes, Archer Farms fruit bars, or a handful of nuts for something salty.

Bethany said...

Breakfast ideas -- High fiber English Muffins (only 1-point!) with spray butter, cinnamon and splenda. OR The Sara-Lee Delightful bread (1point) with jelly. I also eat the "weight control" oatmeal every now and then. Spray butter is my favorite in the morning.

Coffee with dry-creamer (much less points than the liquid).

Lunch - Gina's left over soups are great. I also put the Eggplant Parmesan in indvidual containers and freeze them, so I can grab them quickly. Other ideas - romaine lettuce leaves stuffed with veggies/meat/etc.

Snacks - WASA Light Rye Crackers with the low-fat Laughing Cow Cheese (added together only 1point), Granola Bars, Apple Sauce, Peppermint Patty (miniature, if I am craving chocolate), and of course fruits.

Gina said...

Thanks Bethany! Love Laughing Cow and Wasa light crackers, only 1 point, great!

Mae said...

have not tried your recipes but i will definitely go to the store tomorrow to buy ingredients.

I have to have grains in my meals (being an Asian), or else I will be hungry all the time.

Breakfast: low-fat egg sandwich-3 eggwhite, scrambled, sandwich thins, light miracle whip, mustard/or ketchup, lettuce, sliced tomatoe (2.5 pts)-very filling and satisfying.

Also, if you don't want the sandwich, scramble the eggwhites with sliced mushroom (use cooking), season with salt/pepper and a fruit.

I just love eggs, I always have them around.

Gina said...

Thanks Mae, I love eggs too. And those sandwich thins are great for egg sandwiches, thanks for sharing, I think I'll make myself and egg white sandwich now for breakfast!

Virginia said...

When it's cold outside I like hot cereal for breakfast, so I keep several kinds around. High-Fiber instant oatmeal in various flavors is 3 points. Cream of wheat is 2 points per serving. Butter Sprinkles found in the spice isle are more flavorful to me than the spray butter.

For lunch I like a 97% fat free hot dog on a "White Wheat" hot dog roll (read the lables, you want the one with 5g fiber) Total of two points per dog! Mustard or Ketchup packets and you are all set!

Amy said...

I love the Kashi Berry Crumble Crunch cereal now- I'll take it in a container with a separate container for 1/2 c milk and eat it once I get to work. The fiber helps you feel full for a while. I also will do at home breakfast sandwiches- either turkey bacon or precooked turkey sausage patty cut in to pieces with a scrambled egg, slice of cheese and 100 cal whole wheat sandwich thin, then take it in the car with me.

I love leftovers for lunch. I always make sure when I'm planning meals, I have bigger meals on the weekend, pack away the leftovers before we eat, then use those for lunch during the week.

Snacks- the 90 cal Fiber One bars are great, yogurt, Motts plus fiber applesauce, those are my favorites right now.


Megan said...

Gina, I've just discovered your blog and have enjoyed the recipes we have made so far (just made the crock pot santa fe chicken last night, YUM!). My quick breakfast is a pseudo-Egg McMuffin - I use 2 pieces canadian bacon, a 1 point english muffin (toasted), a slice of 2% cheese and 1/4 c. egg beaters. When I have good tomatoes I put a slice or two on there as well. It's 4 points and very filling!

Anonymous said...

I'm a teacher and have fallen for Jimmy Dean D-light sandwiches for breakfast. They have 5 points, but I only get to eat about 3 meals a day as is, so it works out great for me. It's an egg white, low-fat cheese, turkey sausage biscuit that I pop in the microwave and take with me and keeps me full till lunch! Lunch is usually "Smart Ones". I have to get away from the frozen thing but as chaotic as my life is right now, it's truly the best I can do! But I'm doing right by WW!

Karen said...

I do this for breakfast or an afternoon snack. I chop up an apple and mix it with 1/4 cup low fat yogurt (I like vanilla flavored, but plain is fine too), 1/4 cup granola and a little cinnamon. It adds up to 4 points. It fills up my bowl and my tummy. I love granola, but having a whole bowl of it is too fattening, but I love having just a little bit for a sweet crunch. Also, this week I've been doing this same snack with peaches which are 0 points, so then it's only a 3 point snack.

Anonymous said...

A similar breakfast to the one above is 1/4 cup cottage cheese, a 1 pt. yogart, chopped apple and cinnamon. Mix it up the night before and put in fridge. Only 3 points. You can add some walnuts for 4 points. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

a favorite of mine right now is:

bagel thin: 1 pt-110 calories
3 egg whites: 1 pt-50 calories

the egg sandwich is really easy to take to work. i make the eggs beforehand (like the night before) then reheat everything at work)


i also have a shake with it:
1 c frozen strawberry halves: 0 pts-50 calories
1/2 c frozen chopped banana: 1 pt-70 calories
1/4 c blue/blackberries: 0 pt-22 calories
1/2 c tangerine: .5 pt-42 calories

i have a blender at work, but if you dont, you could always make it right beore you leave. it's really quick and delicious!

great, filling breakfast for 3.5 pts!


Emily said...

For a snack (or I even eat it for breakfast sometimes), I eat light or 2% string cheese. The Frigo light string cheese has 1 point for 1 piece, and it keeps me full for quite a while, considering it only has one point. And you can sometimes buy it at Sam's or Costco, so that saves money too!

Gina said...

I love all these suggestions! I heard about bagel thins, I have to try them soon. I recently discovered Breyers Smooth and Dreamy Ice Cream. Only 1 point per serving. It's sugar free and has half the fat, but it you would never know it. Amazing.

Emmy said...

I've been eating Low Sugar Oatmeal for breakfast - 2 packs - which keep me full until lunch time. Although I'm confused about the points - there seems to be some discrepancies: are the instant oatmeal (flavored) 2 or 3 points a piece? My snacks are pretty simple at work: oranges and/or string cheese (2pts), Special K protein bar (3pts), or 15 mini pretzels (2pts). I'm lost on lunches, too. Need some good ideas.

Anonymous said...

I discovered this breakfast in a WW Weekly.

-1 whole grain hot dog bun
-1tbsp peanut butter
-1 banana

5 points

It is very fast to make and very filling, it really sticks with you! I also like it because it can be eaten on the run :)

Gina said...

@Emmy- do you have a weight watchers calculator? If not u could google it and find one online. You input the calories, fat and fiber and it will give you the points. The fiber per serving should never exceed 4 on the calculator, so if a bar has 7 grams of fiber, type in 5. The calculator is the best way to get points for anything that comes with nutritional info. I usually take a marker and write the points on all my snacks and cereals, etc so I don't forget.

Gina said...

What kind of lunch ideas are you looking for? Ones you make yourself? Out from restaurants? I usually bring leftovers to work, I cook an extra portion from the night before, also, soups, or I make salads. Sushi is a good low point option with edamame if you want to buy something. Luckily in new York, all restaurants are required to show calories on all menu items so it helps make healthy choices when I buy a sandwich or soup.

Gina said...

The banana hot dog idea is very cute!! Elvis would love it!

Brittany Moss said...

I am a teacher and have to eat breakfast in the car on the way to school. I toast a bagel thin (1 pt) use 1/2 a tub of WW cream cheese (1/2 point) and slice a few strawberries to go on top (1/2 a point if that). Keeps me full until lunch.

Lunch: I make a mig pot of veggie soup on Sundays and like to chunk sweet potatoes and rotisserie chicken in it. It is super Yummo and super low in points. Like 2 or 3 at the most!! I'll eat an apple for dessert after and am completely satisfied until about 4.

Snacks: Gina's dips are super good. The buffalo chicken is totally to die for. The special K crackers (18 for 2 pts) make a great snack with it. Or the good ole fateful baby carrots for crunch.

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